365 Breathing Zone


Breathing is the most natural and easiest way to interact with the automatic functions of our body. In this course we give all the basics to discover, understand and learn what you can do with your breath to improve health and your coping with stress and stressors.


  • Learn a specific breathing exercise for stress management
  • Before learning the exercise, the following topics will be explained for a better understanding
  • What is health?
  • What is our health management system?
  • How can we measure health?
  • Basic information on heart rate biofeedback
  • How breathing changes our heart rate
  • How to use breathing to change our health
  • Heart rate variability and heart rate coherence
  • The 365 Breathing Zone exercise explained
  • Different aids and guides for practising 365 Breathing Zone exercises

This course is meant to all who are stressed and/or have difficulties coping with change