Body Health Analyzer


The first comprehensive tool for tracking and helping you managing chronic illnesses


Binacor specializes in heart rate variability1 (HRV) and wearable biosensor technologies. Our decades of research has evolved into the Body Health Analyzer (BHA). It is a comprehensive tool for quick health and stress assess­ment, tracking and management. It utilizes a unique HRV-based health evaluation method first developed and used in the Russian long-term space flight program. The BHA is available for both professional and personal use.

Key features:

  • Capture HRV data with a medical-grade pulse oximeter or a wearable armband sensor
  • 2-min test to obtain HRV metrics reflecting your health, stress and body adaptation
  • 1-min cardiac resonance test reflecting your aging speed, biological age and ability to cope with stress
  • Breathwork training sessions to manage stress using popular breathing techniques
  • Take Pre/Post health tests to measure the effects of treatment options
  • Secure health information sharing between home users and their doctors
  • Secure HIPAA-compliant cloud data storage

Designed for:

  • Consumers: Chronic disease prevention & management, fitness, weight loss
  • Doctors & Health Professionals: Assessing patient health states in clinic or via remote monitoring
  • Corporate Wellness: Assessing health state, stress levels, provide health boosting programs
  • Gyms, Fitness Clubs, Fitness Professionals
  1. Over 22,000 peer-reviewed studies on Heart Rate Variability on PubMed




Stress and adaptation
In this report, we see typical results of testing a healthy individual in the morning after a restful sleep. The report page shows the parameters reflecting the state of the body’s mechanism of adaptation. ADAPTATION STRAIN indicates the level of efforts of the adaptation mechanism to achieve the homeostasis. ADAPTATION RESOURCE indicates the level of physiological reserves available in the body to adapt. ADAPTATION INDEX shows in which of the four different states of adaptation the body is (moving along the arch path from right to left): normal adaptation, hindered adaptation, insufficient adaptation, and adaptation failure.
General Health
In this report we see significant improvement in all key HRV metrics reflecting the autonomic nervous system function (Stress Index, Vagal Index, HRV Index, and Autonomic Balance) since the previous health test taken yesterday. Both tests were taken in the morning. The last test was taken after a restful night’s sleep.
Pre/Post test results
In this report, we see the results of a pair of Pre/Post health tests taken before and after a 5-min deep breathing exercise. All key HRV metrics show improvements indicating a shift toward the prevalence of the parasympathetic regulatory activity as an expected effect of the deep breathing.


Who will benefit from using the Body Health Analyzer?


Professional & Limited Edition:

It provides health assessment and stress management tools good for various professionals such as medical doctors, therapists, personal trainers, psychologists, nutritionists, chiropractors, and many others.

Many health conditions have the autonomic nervous system function involved. Health assessment data provided by BHA helps to evaluate the autonomic function. Compared to normal ranges, test readings indicate how significantly the autonomic function is affected. Tracking test metrics over the course of treatment may show its effectiveness.

Stress is greatly involved in many health conditions. Chronically elevated stress makes symptoms worse and decreases the effectiveness of treatment options. The stressed body gets out of autonomic balance, exhibits decreased HRV index, elevated stress index, and elevated resting heart rate. Regular health assessment tests may help in evaluating chronic stress and its influence on treatment outcome.

Stress management plays a significant role in reducing long-lasting stress and its negative effects on health. Stress management professionals may use the Body Health Analyzer to help their individual or corporate clients to manage their stress and reduce its negative health consequences.

This product may be used in schools to teach students to reduce stress and improve their cognitive abilities, which could be significantly impaired by stress.

Home Edition :

Home users may benefit from using this product if they have chronic conditions affecting the autonomic nervous system function. Health assessment data gives them a picture of how much their body is affected by stress, what is their overall health state and how much reserves their body has to manage the body homeostasis. Compared to the normal ranges, test readings indicate how significantly the autonomic function is affected. Tracking test results over time let them see if their treatment works.

Regular use of Breathwork training may help to reduce stress and improve treatment of the existing health conditions.

Healthy individuals may use the product to track their health and see if their current lifestyle may have any negative effects on health. Besides, they may use it to monitor for early signs of possible health changes when no symptoms show up yet.

Regular use of Breathwork training 2 times a day will help to fend off many stress-induced health problems.




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