EmWave Pro Plus




  • The PLUS version of the EmWave Pro is the addition of two objective tests of health assessment through the analysis of Heart Variability.
  • This is a significant advance in the field of patient/client follow-up because Cardiofeedback equipment is also an assessment material.
  • The following sections are reminded of the characteristics of EmWave Pro and are detailed in the integrated PLUS module.
  • Complete Software for the professional practice of Cardiac Coherence.
  • Mac or Windows operating system (all versions). It is the only cardio coherence biofeedback software that runs natively on a Mac OS computer.
  • The professional EmWave Pro Cardiac Coherence Biofeedback Professional is a Cardiac Coherence training system that records the heartbeat and displays the physiological level of coherence to achieve an optimal state of the heart, brain, and heart. emotions work in a synchronized way. This balance allows the immune, hormonal and nervous system to function in a harmonious and coordinated way.
  • With the included pulse sensor plugged into a USB port, the emWave Pro software records pulse data and transfers it to easily interpretable graphics on your computer screen.
  • This professional biofeedback software for Cardiac Coherence helps to create a state of Cardiac Coherence through different techniques of interactive exercises and games. This promotes resilience, allows for better concentration, mental clarity and emotional balance.


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