Heart Tracker


  • Windows operating system (PC)
  • The Heart Tracker is a Cardiac Coherence software that demonstrates cardiac rhythm variability, a basic concept behind Cardiac Coherence thanks to its included pulse sensor.
  • The demonstration of the state of Cardiac Consistency is simple and visual.
  • This Professional Cardiac Coherence Software is a tool that allows for simple professional integration of Cardiac Coherence.
  • It is a real cardiofeedback tool that can demonstrate cardiac variability and cardiac coherence thanks to the tachogram that draws this variability and consistency on a graph.
  • All sessions are recorded so that the results can be compared from one session to the next to validate whether the client / patient is progressing in their practice.
  • It is possible for your own practice and that of your clients /patients on the 4 training screens composed by:
    • The tachogram
    • The spectrogram
    • The level of consistency / results of the session
    • Constancy of the meeting
  • It is also possible to install a feedback image (photo of a parent, friend, inspiration, landscape … – jpeg file) and to set this image so that it becomes light or dark depending on the level of coherence.
  • By stimulating an emotion such as empathy or compassion, thanks to these photos, the increase in the level of cardiac coherence can be observed which allows to note the state of improvement of the Cardiac Consistency.
  • Psychologists and psychotherapists can use it as a desensitization tool for exposure and demonstrate the importance of cardiac coherence when a patient is confronted with a stressor.
  • The Heart Tracker highlights the physiological and emotional imbalances and proposes the necessary exercises to restore homeostasis, balance and psycho-emotional coherence.