Cannot wait to give it try. I believe it works and will be a valuable knowledge that I will be able to benefit for the rest of my live. very appreciated! Thank you David O’Hare.” – Long Ning

The information is basic and easy to understand. Further, it builds upon itself for better understanding for the person who is a novice with this material” – Andrew Salvatore Bonci

Very informational” – Tina Martellacci

“Great course and teacher” – Steve Chung

This has taught me so much. I have been practicing and I truly notice the difference. Calmer, more at peace and more in balance. I have been reading a lot about the autonomic nervous system. This on line course and follow up breathing practice (3x a day) just solidifies everything for me. Thank you Dr. O’Hare along with my integrative medicine doctor in Montreal, who suggested I consider 365. Health is in our hands!” – Beck

Thorough. Answered all my questions.As a long time meditator I often wondered about the effect of prolonged slow breathing (3 or so breaths per minute) on health – I now appreciate that for truth health effects I can save HOURS of meditation and use technology – I like that!” – Eric Pangilinan

If you want to manage stress and yourself, you need to learn this.” – Eric Pangilinan

Very informative and easy to understand” – Rosa Hernandez

Simple and easy to follow” – Daniel Huang